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September 15th

Exquisite Art Breakfast with Favorite Images of Women, Landscapes, Flowers and Sensual Paintings in a restaurant completely strewn with flowers, with incredible bright decorations and delicious signature drinks.

Restaurant Saya will act as a portal for you to a real Oasis of all the most Creative, the most Sweet and Desired!

We treat you to any cocktail from the menu.

Professional photoset (in groups of 10 people) is included in the ticket price.

Drawing skills and experience are NOT IMPORTANT - our teachers will explain everything to you individually, everyone will succeed!

If you want to draw a plot from a different topic, no problem! We have complete creative freedom!

Child ticket - 300 AED (children under 12)

339 AED
11:00 - 14:00 FOOL BOOKING
Paintings at the event
Чувственные картины, женские образы, дети, любовь
Choose the picture you want to draw!
Click on the image you like and save it. Show it to us at the event and we help you to turn this masterpiece into reality! You can also choose a picture at the party yourself from the printed catalogue
What is included in the price?

· Eco-friendly acrylic paint that can be easily washed off with water from hands and clothes
• Stretched canvas 40×50 cm
· Photos from a professional photographer
· A glass of wine or a summer cocktail to get you in the mood

Change of the date and refund.

We will change your booking to another date for free or refund the money to your card. Please, inform us not later than 24 hours before the event by phone +971 55 198 2701 (Whatsapp)


Based in Dubai, Saya restaurant already has several locations and even opens a franchise in other countries. This is a cozy concept with American breakfasts, hearty lunches, pleasant dinners and delicious desserts.
Saya Brasserie Cafe Wasl 51 is the most beautiful, Instagrammable and recommended place in Dubai. Once you try Saya desserts, you won't be able to forget them, and you can't refuse bright cocktails! Here, perhaps, the most delicious and beautiful signature cocktails in the city! Saya is a real oasis with flowers and birds in the middle of the desert!
Wear the brightest, most colorful, summer photo outfit in this incredible location!

Аddress: 325 Al Wasl Rd - Al Bada - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai

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