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Parallel worlds - more than 100 Ethnic and other paintings to choose from! Gold leaf. Have an art brunch in a luxury restaurant AMAYA with classic interiors terrace, Burj Khalifa view and the famous Waterfall in Dubai Mall. You can draw artworks from other themes if you want!


339 AED
Paintings at the event
Painting themes of travel and vacation, beautiful landscapes
Choose the picture you want to draw!
Click on the image you like and save it. Show it to us at the event and we help you to turn this masterpiece into reality! You can also choose a picture at the party yourself from the printed catalogue

Bright, Mysterious, Alluring Ethno Motives on Canvas - stunning mulattos, elephants, giraffes, lions and jaguars, ethnic interior paintings, Asia, Geisha and Samurai, Brazilian girls and Mexican fantasies! These are all a great variety to choose as a reference for your artwork (100 subjects).

Watch the video and photo tape with the paintings, and you will see the full catalog at the party itself:) Skills and Experience in Drawing are NOT IMPORTANT - our teachers will explain everything to you individually, everyone will succeed!
What is included in the price?
· Eco-friendly acrylic paint that can be easily washed off with water from hands and clothes
• Stretched canvas 40×50 cm
· Photos from a professional photographer
· A glass of wine or a summer cocktail to get you in the mood
Change of the date and refund.
We will change your booking to another date for free or refund the money to your card. Please, inform us not later than 24 hours before the event by phone +971 55 198 2701 (Whatsapp)

AMAYA is a huge luxury restaurant with classic interiors, author's cuisine, incredible drinks and shisha. There is a terrace with a Burj khalifa view and the highest fountains in the world. Also there is a balcony view near the famous Waterfall in Dubai Mall - AMAYA in Dubai Mall, waterfall area, 1st floor.

Адрес: The Waterfalls Side, The Dubai Mall-1 st. Floor.

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